Smarthome Sound Awareness

 · 1 min read

This project is focused on learning about how people who are deaf or hard of hearing experience sounds in the home and creating smarthome-based sound awareness systems for people who are DHH. This is an ongoing project at the Makeability Lab.

I was briefly involved in this project in August 2018, where I helped run a Wizard of Oz user study to evaluate the experiences and perceptions of DHH participants with some preliminary mockups of an in-home sound awareness system.

I also was a co-author for our group’s CHI2019 publication:

  • Jain, D., Lin, A., Amalachandran, M., Zeng, A., Findlater, L., Froehlich, J. (2019) “Exploring Sound Awareness in the Home for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing”. Proceedings of CHI 2019. [Acceptance Rate: 23.7% (701 / 2960)]